Hotels are now offering better sleep.


Luxury hotels have been investing in an amenity that may surprise you: sleep.

Let me explain.

While hotels have always been a place to lay your head after a long day of travel or tourist activities, more and more luxury hotels are recognizing sleep as an activity in and of itself. With insomnia on the rise, made worse by the pandemic, hotels are finding ways to appeal to these customers–whether they are on a vacation and looking for shut eye or live in town and just want a night or two in a new bed.

In London, The Brown Hotel, which is a part of the Rocco Forte Hotel Collection, unveiled a lush new offering entirely aimed at helping their visitors get better sleep. The Forte Wink experience not only includes gifts, such as luxe sleep masks and pajamas, but it also comes with breakfast in bed, a daytime spa service, and a nighttime turndown service. If that isn’t enough to put you to sleep, guests can also browse the menu of slumber-inducing herbal teas.

The Brown Hotel isn’t the only London-based accommodation committed to sleep wellness. In 2021, The Cadogan introduced its Sleep Concierge. The service, created to help guests ease back into hotels after pandemic-related lockdowns and social distancing, includes an array of offerings. In addition to serving relaxing teas, The Cadogan also teamed up with a hypnotherapist to provide guests with recorded meditations and one-on-one sessions. If hypnotherapy isn’t your thing, you can also take advantage of the hotel’s pillow menu and weighted blankets without any extra costs.

While other hotels in London are snuggling up to the idea, like The Rosewood who offered CBD-based sleep packages at the beginning of the year, the trend is also popping up across the globe.

If you’re traveling to Los Angeles and need to catch some z’s, be sure to check into Hotel Figueroa’s Rest & Recovery Suite. The sleep-centered suite includes a host of amenities, such as personalized pillows and adjustable Eight Sleep mattresses. Meanwhile, in New York City residents looking for a power nap can book a stay in the Walker Hotel’s Nap Pod. Made especially for those in need of a quick rest away from home, the Nap Pod can be booked for 90 minutes at $75.

Although these slumber packages can run customers thousands of dollars, it may be worth it to the person who’s been tossing and turning for months. While luxury hotels often have an array of amenities, like spas services, pools, and highly rated restaurants, ultimately they are a place where guests need to feel comfortable sleeping. And just maybe plush mattresses, meditations, and even hypnotherapy will do the trick.

Danilo Diazgranados is an independent investor in the global food and wine, financial services, real estate, and the hospitality sectors.



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