As one can imagine, the pandemic hit tourism — and hospitality, in particular — hard. Occupancy limits, safety precautions, and low guest counts were only a few of the challenges hotels had to contend with. In 2019, this sector accounted for more than than 10% of jobs globally.

So now, hotels that were thriving just over a year ago are up for sale — either in part, or in total. There are a number of reasons for this — profit losses, expensive upgrades and changes needed to meet post-pandemic travel demands, and burnout, to name a few. …

People around the world have been spending more time at home than ever before due to COVID — and using their space in entirely new ways. For some, that may mean creating a home office, for others a school in the basement, and there are those who merely need a calming sanctuary.

And while these needs were borne out of necessity, the habits and preferences we developed over the past 15+ months may stay with us long after COVID restrictions are lifted. They’re also playing an important role in shaping the future of residential real estate.

In recent years, there…

With vaccine uptake on the rise in several countries, restaurants and cinemas are finally reopening (or scheduled to reopen), at least at reduced capacity. One of life’s great pleasures that was too often taken for granted is the ability to sit beside a loved one, whether friend or family, and enjoy an evening out grabbing dinner and a movie.

And what about those films that featured good food, whether as part of the plot line or just a throwaway scene that stands out in memory? …

I love the Olympics. As a sports fan, there is an excitement that comes every other year watching top athletes compete in either summer or winter events for gold, silver, and bronze medals. There is a sense of wonder seeing these competitors from all around the world come together in peace at the opening ceremony to represent their countries.

But the Olympics are no stranger to criticism. In recent years, escalating costs for security and newly constructed infrastructure that often goes unused once the Games end have led many countries to reconsider serving as host. As the Olympics are typically…

The unsung hero of the fundamental flavors

Each of the five elemental flavors is extraordinary, both in its own right and as a member of the symphony of taste, and I’m celebrating each one’s unique attributes. Today: bitter.

Bitterness might not be the most obvious darling of all the flavor profiles. After all, the word “bitter” evokes acerbic and even melancholy feelings. But as an element of cuisine, it should not be overlooked, and it should certainly never be underestimated.

Bitter flavors — think kale, coffee, mustard, and pure dark chocolate, to name just a few — are some of…

Maine has become the lobster capital of the US. And while these sea creatures are now a well-known luxury meal, it wasn’t so long ago that they were relegated to feed prisoners and the poor.

Friends, I am thrilled to share that we are entering summer. Which, to me, means lobster season (or lobstah season, if you prefer a New England accent, which I do). There are few things I enjoy more than sitting outdoors and looking out at the water with a glass of wine in my hand and a lobster or lobster roll on my plate.

These creatures…

Celebrating the flavor that puts delight in dining.

It’s remarkable that the abundant, diverse assortment of bites, sips, and savors in the world can largely be distilled into five essential flavor profiles. Also remarkable is how adept our taste buds are at recognizing the distinct characteristics of each of these flavors, and the interplay between them. To that end, I wanted to explore the attributes and intricacies of each of the five tastes — and pay homage to dishes that bring out the best in them.

We’ll start with the most enchanting: sweet. Alluring to just about every palate and…

I recently spoke to Authority Magazine about my professional journey from student to entrepreneur to investor, and everything in between.

Even as a child in Venezuela, I knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I started my first business as a student at the University of Miami, and my career has taken interesting turns from there.

Over the years, I have had several successful — some more than others — ventures, all of which taught me important lessons. As you may have surmised based on my other blog posts, my passions and portfolio include food, hospitality, and finance. …

For nearly 80 years, restaurants and hotels on the strip have bet on buffets to bring in diners. Will COVID force them to fold for good?

When Nevada issued its first gaming license in 1931, nobody could imagine the bright, bustling playground that Las Vegas would evolve into.

Along with being a destination for gambling and shows, Las Vegas has also developed an alluring culinary scene. From swanky steakhouses to Italian eateries and gourmet rooms, Las Vegas had something for everyone. Even Anthony Bourdain enjoyed the meatballs at The Bootlegger Bistro.

In recent years, the strip has also become a…

Ongoing fad or enduring future?

If asked to identify the biggest change in the global wine industry over the last decade, I likely would choose the “natural wine” movement. Established and emerging winemakers and wine merchants in the Americas, Europe, and Oceania all have dedicated resources to creating, promoting, and selling natural wines.

What exactly are natural wines? Although the term is unregulated and therefore varies in definition, natural wines typically are made using organically grown grapes that were cultivated without the use of pesticides and herbicides. The wines also rely on native yeasts, as opposed to yeasts produced in…

Danilo Diazgranados: On wine and food

Investor in and lover of fine wine and restaurants.

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