As an investor, I am constantly in pursuit of new opportunities. Over the years, I have seen — and participated in — my fair share of both disappointments and successes. However, when you’re just starting out, it can be hard to discern which is which.

While there is no perfect formula — nor any way to truly guarantee a win — there are five things that I always look for to indicate whether an opportunity is a good match for me. I recently spoke with Thrive Global about what those signals are, as well as a few other lessons I have learned over the course of my career.

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Danilo Diazgranados is an independent investor in the global food and wine, financial services, real estate, and the hospitality sectors.

When you hear “truffle,” you likely associate it with Europe. And, after centuries of successful truffle farming, hunting, and culture sprouting from the continent, why wouldn’t you?

But, as the US truffle market inches closer to maturity, there may be some competition. Experts even say that within the next few…

Danilo Diazgranados: On wine and food

Investor in and lover of fine wine and restaurants.

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